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    IT is very quickly moving us to using Windows 10 as our OS. For our SDS team as we are still in pilot/testing phase, the upgrade has been delayed slightly, but it is inevitable. Wanted to reach out and see if anyone has had any issues with Electrical, Inventor, the respective toolkits, or Vault with Windows 10.

    • We’ve on on Windows 10 since starting with Inventor and Vault (2014) and have had some minor niggles when some of the various Windows 10 updates are pushed down – but for the most part the problems have been self inflicted. We are now on Vault 2018 along with Inventor 2018 and are getting ready to update to 2019 once we have been able to test on our test Vault.

    • We have vault 2018 and acade 2018 and have had not issues that I’m aware of since updating at the end of last year. Just be sure IT is installing acade prior to installing the vault clients due to the vault plugin. IF vault is installed first, acade does not seem to find the plugin files automatically. If the vault plugin does not show up in acade, you have to show it where to find the plugin file (a repair on vault did not seem to work every time). I have details on this if anyone needs them.